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School of Life Science and Technology was founded at the end of 2000, which was the production of the merging of former -Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an Medical University and the Shaanxi Financial & Economic College, and the production of subject crossing of information science, medicine and biology as well. Biomedical engineering and biology are the 2 subjects that SLST currently has.

XJTU was one of the first Chinese univerties to set up the major of biomedical engineering. BME of XJTU was founded in 1978 and named national key subject in 1988. The year after, State Specialized Laboratory of Modern Medical Electronic Technology and Instrument was founded. In 1998, Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering was founded. The Biomedical-Information Engineering laboratory of State Ministry of Education was founded in 2000. Since then, SLST has formed advantage directions in BME like Biomedical Informatics and Instrumentation, Biomedical Ultrasound, Bio-Information and Application, Biomedical Photonics and Sensing, etc.

The subject of biochemistry and molecular biology was founded in 1996, and its 2nd-level doctoral degree discipline was approved in 2000. In 2003, 2nd-level doctoral degree discipline of biophysics was approved and 1st-level doctoral degree discipline of biology was approved in 2011. After years’ development, SLST now has advantage directions including Biophysics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology.

Currently, there are 161 faculties in SLST, including 45 professors and 47 associate professors. Among them 2 professors won the honor of National Brilliant Contributed Young and Middle Aged Specialist; One professor was elected as the member of the first and second rank of National “Top Hundred、Thousand and Ten thousands of Talents” Project; Two professors supported by the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists of China; One professor was entitled “Most Cited Chinese Academic”; Four professors were listed as the “Century Talent” of Ministry of Education of China.

The school of Life Science and Technology consists of two departments ( Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Biological Engineering); Seven research institutes/centers ( Institute of Biomedical Imagine and Application, Institute of Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine, Bioinspired Engineering and Biomechanics Center, Institute of Biomedical Photonics and Sensing, Institute of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Institute of Life Analytical Chemistry and Instrument, Bio-Information Big Data Center ); One Experimental Teaching Center and one Instrument Sharing Platform.

SLST now offers 3 majors for Bachelor’s degree (Biomedical Engineering ,Biological Technology and Chemistry-Biology Experimental Class ) , 2 1st-level Ph.D. degree subjects(Biomedical Engineering and Biology, 2 post-doctor station(Biomedical Engineering Post-Doctor Station and Biology Post-Doctor Station).

In recent years, SLST has introduced a group of high-level academic leaders and young academics with potential. A lot of major programs are undertaken by SLST, including 973/863 programs, National Natural Science Foundation programs, provincial programs, military-civilian integration programs. The level of scientific research has been significantly enhanced, academic influence has increased year by year. SLST will move forward stably.

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